The jeweL of caribbean cuisine.


Caribbean Pearl, the jewel of the Caribbean inspired cuisine, welcomes you to enjoy a unique eating experience and evolution of Caribbean food.

Photos by R. Lee Media


As rare as the ocean jewel that personifies our brand, our menu is not just food traditionally found in the West Indies, Central and South America. It's a completely new culinary adventure crafted by our ultra-creative Urcilina Grammont. Caribbean Pearl, under her command, delves deep into the archives of recipes and family traditions and fuses them with modern favorites that suits millennial taste buds.

Her business goal was and still is to be the finest caterer in the metropolitan area. Urcilina began with a small kitchen space that would ultimately become one of the finest New York Caterers. Her passionate level of commitment to New York catering has yielded one-of- a-kind catered events. Please delve deeper with us and explore the gastronomical delights produced by the Caribbean Pearl.



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